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    My name is Michelle ("Chelle" to my friends). I was born and grew up in Hertfordshire, England with three older brothers, my first test of resilience! I showed an early acumen for art & creativity. My mum tells me I first picked up a paint brush and created my earliest piece of art when I was just three years old, it was impossible from that point on to get me to do anything else unless it was along the lines of making creations working with a variety of materials from fabrics to wood. At school I earned both merits and distinction in Art & Graphic design by the time I was sixteen. For work, I found my early niche in the jewellery and watch industry and took great interest in high-end watch brands and horology. Learning the insides out of various watch movements I was in awe of the mechanical engineering.

    My daughter Phoenix had decided that at the age of six she wanted to learn to play guitar, so she began guitar lessons, for creative relief I also decided to take up guitar and managed to knock out a few classics, "Streets Of London" - well, who hasn't?

    It was no coincidence that I met my partner through music - he was performing on stage with a Tina Turner tribute... our eyes met, we went on a date and realised that we were meant to be together forever.

    My art has progressed, even if my musical abilities have long since reached their peak, but inspired by a shared love of guitars and my ongoing interest in quality time-pieces, I now offer a range of individually created Rock Clocks for the discerning music lover who requires a unique piece of wall art - and who occasionally wants to know what time of day it is! Or a reminder that it is guitar time!! 🎸🎸🎸

    Enjoy perusing my creations and I would love to hear from you if you have any requests for a commissioned personalised Rock Clock with your favourite theme, colour scheme and shape.

    These pieces are entirely individually handcrafted, cut, sanded, holes drilled and prepared for the mechanism, primered and sanded again then lacquered and then resined twice. Each part of the production takes hours of careful creativity and accuracy. Every single piece will be referenced # and named. Whichever Rock Clock you choose will be uniquely yours I hope you get as much enjoyment out of seeing it hung on your wall as much as I love creating these.

    Once purchased and received, all I ask that you send me a picture of it hung or parked wherever you may choose to keep it to add to my collection of photographs.

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